Tampa Appliance Services is providing the greater Fresno area and Clovis with professional yet affordable dryer repair services, When your dryer quits on you, it is for sure an inconvenience, and that’s where our company comes in, We provide unparalleled dryer repair to avoid you as a homeowner the hassle of dealing with broken dryers, we also understand that a broken dryer can be a serious fire hazard and that the issue should be taken seriously, call us today at :  1-800-524-2847, the professionals at Tampa Appliance Services are here to assist.

Fresno Appliance Repair will save few money by fixing your current broken dryer rather than investing in a new dryer as we know these appliances are costly.

Few of the issues we work on:

  • Non-heating dryers
  • Non-starting dryers
  • Poor heat quality
  • Bad Odors
  • Faulty thermostats
  • Non-rotating dryers
  • Torn clothes
  • Non finished drying cycles

Call Fresno Appliance Repair today at :  1-800-524-2847